Acupuncture, Electro-Acupuncture, Moxibustion


Acupuncture is the best-known method of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in the west.

In acupuncture, very fine needles are inserted in precisely located points which are situated all over the body. Many of these acupuncturepoints are familiar in their properties and build coherent paths together. These paths, appearing like energy pathways are called in the west: meridians.

During millenia doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine have observed and passed on relations between certain areas of the bodies surface and its internal functions.
These relations are fundamental to all further mentioned methods of therapy in TCM.

By means of stimulating acupuncturepoints processes of the body can get regulated, pain can be relieved and energetical blockages can get neutralised.

Because the needles used for acupuncture are very thin, often the stitch  is not even perceptible. If the patient is very sensitive or anxious points which are less tender and even smaller needles can be chosen.

For treating stagnated humidity which stagnated within the tissue, needles which are already set can be attached to a weak electrical current. Aim of this technic, called electro-acupuncture, is particularly the treatment of muscle- and jointpain.

Moxibustion is a TCM-method, where points or regions are treated with warmth. Traditionaly dried mugwort (Moxa) is burnt in a small box near the body or on the end of an already set needle. The warmth penetrating the body activates, moves, opens vessels and expels coldness. Modern moxa lamps spread by electrical heating up a mineral disc a similar infrared radiation without fire and smoke. In my TCM practice in Berlin Charlottenburg I primarily use such moxa lamps.

Tuina Anmo, Cupping, Guasha

IMG_6444Tui Na literally means pressing and pushing and is a description for all manual technics in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the treatment of patients. Anmo means pressing and rubbing and comprises treatments which we call massage in the west. As a whole Tuina Anmo is a treatment form, containg massages, acupressure, osteopathic and chiropractic technics, mobilisations, tapping, jolting, et al..

The method of cupping, as used for centuries in all parts of the world, is also part of Tuina Anmo.  Cupping is used for removing blood stagnation, breaking stasis and removing coldness.
In Guasha, the skin is continously rubbed with a blunt spoon to remove conglutinations in the underlying tissue.

Herbal Therapy

The treatment with herbs is the most important method in TCM. With a drug arsenal containing roots, leaves, fruits, minerals and few animal products the most diverse diseases and symptoms are beeing cured. Here, processing and combination of the drugs play an essential role. A TCM-recipe usually contains between two and twelve drugs.

An intake of TCM-herbs can be indicated for relieving an acute or chronic suffering. A herbal therapy usually takes depending on the issue a few weeks up to several months.
In context of preventive lifestyle, under counseling of the therapist, TCM-herbs can also be taken continuous in smaller doses.

In most cases the animal products can be replaced with plants for vegans.

Traditionally the herbs are cooked several times before intake. Modern herbs often are pulverised and can be prepared within 20min cooking time or even as an infusion. For cases where not even this is possible there exist pre processed herbal granulates which only need to be poured with warm water as well as ready made preparations.

Dietetics, Lifestyle

Your diet and lifestyle are fundamental for your enduring wellness and health. Traditional Chinese Medicine classifies foods in their influence to the body und therefore allows a very conscious diet. Here many foods are also considered remedies and the other way around. Also the different ways of processing food and the time of eating play a role. Which leads to lifestyle.

Fortunately TCM is not a medicine of ascetiscm but rather points out a ‘middle path’ which shall be taken. Man shall avoid extrems und shall balance the influences in life.  In a nutshell the answer to the question what one needs for a healthy life is: Recreative sleep, good food, clean air and fun.
I will happily support you in my practice in Berlin Charlottenburg for finding your personal, healthy lifestyle.