Treatment Expenses

Treatments will be invoiced according to the official table of costs for german alternative therapists (GebüH). Depending on the method of treatment, extent and duration you can expect to be billed 120,-€ to 160,-€ for a primal session and 30,-€ to 70,-€ for follow ups.

Refunds: In general the state health insurances of Germany do not reimburse invoices from alternative therapists (Heilpraktiker) forTraditional Chinese Medicine. However there have been exceptions regarding acupuncture. If you have a private insurance, which contract involves services of alternativ therapists, your costs will be refundable according to the terms and conditions of your contract.

Patients who are insured in Switzerland: I am a registered at Erfahrungsmedizinisches Register (EMR), which cooperates with most Swiss medical insurances. Medical invoices according to Ärtzekassetarif 590 can be issued for you.


Please contact us to arrange an appointment.
Telefone: 030 / 340 96 845
Email: p r a x i s [ a t ] t c m – o l i v e r – l o h s e . d e

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How to Find Us

The adress of our medical practice is Nehringstraße 17, 14059 Berlin Charlottenburg.

by car: Autobahn A100, Exit Kaiserdamm.
by metro (U-Bahn): Station KaiserdSophie-Charlotte-Platz amm, Line U2
by commuter railway (S-Bahn): Station Messe Nord/ICC, Line S41 and S42

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